July 18, 2018

Regulations and Bylaws



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The Reynoldsburg Area Democrats Political Action Committee (hereinafter “RAD PAC”) is organized
under the laws of the State of Ohio, with all the powers and subject to all the conditions and limitations
provided by Ohio Elections and Campaign Finance Laws and its regulations and bylaws as prescribed
by the General Membership. The principal activities of the RAD PAC shall occur in Reynoldsburg,
Ohio. However, activities may take place both in and out of the Reynoldsburg, Ohio area as the
business of the PAC may require.

The RAD PAC is organized, and shall be operated exclusively, for the purpose of supporting the
election of qualified Democratic/Progressive candidates to run for offices and to support/defeat ballot
issues which affect the lives of Reynoldsburg, Ohio residents. The RAD PAC also seeks to create a
community to support Democratic/Progressive candidates who are running for office in Reynoldsburg
and beyond, network to financially support Democratic/Progressive candidates, organize and inform
Democratic/Progressive voters, recruit and encourage Democratic/Progressive membership, and create
an infrastructure for local campaigns.

§3.1 Officers Designated – The Officers of the RAD PAC shall consist of a President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Director and Fundraising Director. The Treasurer of the RAD
PAC shall be so designated with the Ohio Secretary of State and every effort shall be made for the
Treasurer to be an attorney, accountant or other individual well-versed in Ohio election finance laws.
All Officers of the RAD PAC shall be Trustees of the RAD PAC.
§3.2 Terms of Office – Officers shall hold office for one year, commencing on the first day of January,
or until their successors are seated.
§3.3 Duties of Officers – The President shall preside at all meetings of the General Membership and
shall generally perform all the duties normally associated with the office and such further duties as may
be authorized or required by the General Membership.
The Vice-President shall have the powers and duties of the President during the absence or incapacity
of the President, or when there is a vacancy in the office of the President.

The Treasurer shall oversee the finances of the RAD PAC and ensure that appropriate records are kept
and audited as deemed appropriate. The Treasurer shall ensure the proper filing of all reports and
documentation required by Ohio law. The Treasurer shall ensure the disbursement of all funds
approved by a vote of the General Membership.
The Secretary shall prepare the agenda for all meetings and take and maintain the meeting minutes. The
Secretary shall communicate with members to keep them informed of all meetings and upcoming
The Communications Director shall be the custodian of all electronic media (website, social media,
etc.) and shall keep these current and use them to communicate to the membership. The
Communications Director shall issue press releases regarding the PAC as directed by the Executive
Committee/General Membership.
§3.4 Depositories – The Treasurer shall promptly deposit all monies and other valuable effects in a
FDIC financial institution located in Franklin or Licking County.
§3.5 Vacancies – The General Membership shall have the power to fill any Officer position vacancies
caused by death, resignation or otherwise for the remainder of the term as to which a vacancy exists.
§3.6 Recall and Vacancies – An Officer may be removed from the RAD PAC by the affirmative vote
of two-thirds of the members of the General Membership.
§3.7 Compensation – No compensation shall be paid to any person for services as an Officer of the
RAD PAC except for the Treasurer, who may charge a reasonable fee for his/her services if they are
not a resident of Reynoldsburg.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Communications Director shall serve as the
Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may act on minor issues during intervals between
meetings of the General Membership.

§5.1 Qualifications – All General Members of the RAD PAC are defined as those having
demonstrated support to the RAD PAC and having paid their annual membership dues.
§5.2 Meetings – Meetings of the General Membership shall be held as deemed necessary to carry out
the purpose of the RAD PAC. The General Membership shall meet at least ten times per calendar year.
§5.3 Quorum – At all meetings of the General Membership, at least seven (7) of the Officers/General
Members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.
§5.4 Voting – Each Officer/General Member has one vote. Officers/General Members must be present
to vote. A simple majority shall carry the vote.
§5.5 Compensation – No compensation shall be paid to any person for services as a General Member

of the RAD PAC.

§6.1 Confidential Process – The General Membership’s discussions and deliberations related to RAD
PAC candidate contributions are confidential. Discussion of confidential matters is grounds for
removal from the General Membership.
§6.2 Voting Method – A General Member may, for any reason, request that a contribution vote be
taken by secret ballot; all requests for secret ballot voting shall be honored by the President. Absent
such a request, all contribution votes shall be by voice or other outward sign.
§6.3 Candidate Requirements – RAD PAC contributions may only be made to candidates who are
seeking election to offices and/or ballot issue campaigns that impact the lives of Reynoldsburg
§6.4 Prohibitions – Officers/General Members who are also candidates or paid staff of a candidate
shall be prohibited from deliberations and voting on contributions for which that Officer/Member is a
candidate or paid staff of a candidate.
§6.5 Basis for Contributions – All contributions shall be supported by deliberation of the
Officers/General Membership. Factors for consideration by the Officers/General Membership shall
include, but are not limited to, demonstrable commitment to success in the election, active involvement
in the RAD PAC, size of the candidate’s race (ward, citywide, district, countywide, etc.), endorsements
and funds raised independently. An Officer/General Member shall not base any vote on personal bias.
In the awarding of contributions, Officers/General Members are prohibited from discriminating against
any candidate on the basis of that candidate’s age, gender, race, religion, national origin, or sexual

All meetings of the RAD PAC General Membership shall be conducted under these regulations and

These regulations and bylaws may be amended, altered or repealed by majority vote of General
Members in good standing and in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting.

The RAD PAC may be dissolved by a supermajority vote of the General Members in good standing.
For the purposes of this article, a supermajority shall consist of two-thirds plus one (2/3 +1) of the
General Members in good standing who are present, provided a quorum as stated in section 5.3 is